Thursday, March 19, 2015

Svenskt Tenn styling

This light, bright and beautiful apartment is located in Östermalm and on sale right now. Love the art nouveau characteristics, the high ceilings, the floors, the space and the amazing styling created by the Svenskt Tenn house. 
Svenskt Tenn is a Swedish classic interior design company with its flagship store on the beautiful shoreline boulevard in the center of  Stockholm and a must for those with an interest in design and interior furnishings. What do you think of the final result? A charm isn't it?

Images via Lagerlings

Friday, February 27, 2015

Team Sarah Widman for Alvhem

Sarah Widman is a well known Interior stylist in Sweden. Here another great work from her and her team for Alvhem. I'm moving soon so right now I am renovating something old into something new. This is just another inspirational mood board for the new home.  Love the white, grey and the St. Pauls blue, created by a combo from the Danish design studio Frama with Jotun, combined with the cognac coloured accessoires. What do you think?
Have a great weekend.

Source: Alvhem

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Eye candy of the week

Another beautiful and with extremely great taste styled small space (33 m2). The light grey, brown and white chosen for this Swedish apartment, as well the materials, fabrics and decoration exhale rest, peace and coziness. Everything you need once you get home. Love it!


Pictures via Planet deco

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stockholm furniture fair 2015

This time the Stockholm furniture fair felt even more special than the past editions. This year my beautiful and amazingly talented friend and designer Alexandra Gonçalves was exposing her Naturally collection there.
Some leaves and stalks can live for a long time after the plant completes its circle of life. Thinking about the Lunaria this marks the start point from her collection. Lunaria is a common plant growing in our gardens. At the end of life forms seed pods which then flake away revealing silver disks. This fragile constitution - holding a thin white skin - is what catch the eye from Alexandra and what made her design this collection. A delicate black structure of stainless steel creates the shape of the furniture. Then, the combination of wood and a white lacquered metal sheet, gives the function to each piece - a cabinet, a drawer, a center table, a lamp and a pouf form the collection.
All together gorgeous. My favorite the lamp. That from the very first time I saw it I baptised as "butterfly lamp". 

Further there where so many beautiful items exposed. My favorite trend?  Leather. No I'm not and I've never been the leather couch type. But leather in a butterfly chair, leather as a magazine holder or as furniture handles? Yes!!! I'm in!!! 
Another good example is this Ladder Light designed by the in Toronto based studio M-S-D-S. The ladder light is an unusual wall-hung lamp that casts light across the surface and is made from an alluring combination of copper and leather.  This way the Canadian duo meant to take away empty walls, creating an unique atmosphere to the interiors.

Another one is the beautiful collection from Ilse Crawford for IKEA. I wrote about it in the previous post.

Definitely one of my favourites are this gorgeous and simple yet complex wooden hangers from
The George Hangers with (yes here it is again) a leather strap are like twins that need to be together to perform their best. A working relationship in a casual balancing between natural materials that patinate and optimise over time.
They just stole my heart! And actually to beautiful to kept them hidden with coats.

La Lampe Gras has been around since 1921 and with only a few years to go to complete a century a definitely must have. But which one ;-)?

I also got the chance to follow a lecture about how to stay creative? I would say do more of what makes you happy, surround yourself with beautiful things and inspirational people, create your own style, your own vision and dare to be yourself!

String love. Styled by Lotta Agaton

By Lassen

Fotos ByLendaLia